Welcome to the GEoPD Meeting jointly organized with the 3rd International Parkinson´s Disease Symposium of the Luxembourg Center for Systems Biomedicine (LCSB)

The main objective of the 11th Annual Meeting of the GEoPD Consortium and the 3rd International Parkinson´s Disease Symposium organized by the GEoPD Consortium and Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine of the University of Luxembourg is to bring together worldwide distinguished academics in the field of neuroscience to exchange about state-of-the-art research and technologies.

Topics bridge from fundamental research to clinical Parkinson´s disease in the fields of connectivity and exactibility, mitochondrial, protein aggregation and degradation.

A satellite workshop on 8 October 2016 will showcase the “PD map”, a freely accessible knowledge depository describing the molecular mechanisms of Parkinson´s disease as molecular networks.

The event will be held between 6-8 October, 2016 in the Maison du Savoir at recently built Campus Belval, Luxembourg.