Bas Bloem,Medical director, Radboud University Medical Center
"Towards precision medicine for Parkinson’s disease"
 responses on questions

Michel Goedert, Head of the division of Neurobiology, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge
"The synucleinopathies: Twenty years on"

George Mellick, Chief Investigator, Griffith University
"Olfactory-derived cells as a model for Parkinson's disease"

Richard Youle, Senior Investigator, National Institutes of Health
"Damage Control and Parkinson's Disease: Roles of the kinase PINK1 and the ubiquitin ligase Parkin in the autophagy of mitochondria in vitro and in vivo"

Julia Fitzgerald,Hertie-institut für klinische Hirnforschung
"The role of mitochondrial chaperone trap1 in Parkinson´s disease"

Jens Volkmann, Director and Chairman of the Department of Neurology, University Hospital of Würzburg
"DBS in PD: where do we stand and how may technical innovations help improving"

Caleb Webber, Program Leader, University of Oxford
"Profiling iPSC models of PD: Identifying therapeutics and single-cell approaches"

Peter Brown, Director, Medical Research Council Brain Network Dynamics Unit, University of Oxford
"Bad brain waves in Parkinson's and new approaches to putting them right"

Andreas Husch, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, University of Luxembourg
"Supporting the Surgeon – Towards Intraoperative Data-Integration for Improved Deep Brain Stimulation Electrode Placement"

Markus Britschgi, Principal Scientist in Neuroscience Discovery, Roche
"PRX002, a Mab targeting alpha-synuclein for disease modification in Parkinson's disease: from preclinical models to first in humans"

Pierre Garcia, Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine, University of Luxembourg
"Neurodegeneration is independent of α - synuclein aggregation in a mouse model of "prion like" - synuclein spreading."

Walter Maetzler, Deputy head of Neurology, University Hospital Kiel
“Implementation of Digital Health in Clinical Research & Healthcare: Challenges & Opportunities”

Stephanie Millin, University of Oxford
"Genetic variation influences the severity of multiple phenotypes in Parkinson´s disease"

Mariella Graziano, President, Association of Physiotherapists in Parkinson’s Disease Europe
"Illustration of Parkinson’s specific Physiotherapy"

Janine Simons, Research Associate, Universität zu Lübeck
"Dysphagia in Parkinson’s: Early identification and treatment options"

Nico Diederich, Neurologist, Hospital Center De Luxembourg
"Selected dysautonomic syndromes. Diagnosis and treatment."