PD map workshop

3rd PD map workshop: “Application and curation of the Parkinson’s disease map”

Information on various aspects of PD pathogenesis is rapidly increasing and needs to be efficiently organized. To that end, LCSB, in the collaboration with the Systems Biology Institute, Tokyo (SBI), has developed the Parkinson’s disease (PD) map.

2nd PD map curation workshop, Munsbach, Luxembourg, October 2015

The PD map is a manually curated knowledge repository established to describe molecular mechanisms of PD. It compiles literature-based information on PD into an easy to explore and freely accessible molecular interaction map and offers research-facilitating functionalities such as the overlay of experimental data and the identification of drug targets on the map (http://pdmap.uni.lu).

We envision the PD map as a hub for the PD community to deal with the exponentially increasing information on PD and we encourage the PD community to join forces and support this project by integrating their expertise to continuously refine and expand the knowledge within the PD map.

Within the first part of the 4 hour workshops, the participants will receive an introduction on how to use the different functionalities of the PD map. The second part is dedicated to content curation. Participants will work in small groups focusing on different ‘hallmarks’ of molecular pathology in PD. State-of-the-art knowledge on these hallmarks will be compared with the contents of the PD map to extend, and correct its contents. The results of the workshop will be published via the updated PD map.

Looking forward to meet you at one of our satellite workshops at the conference venue.

For GEoPD members:             Wednesday, 5 October: 12:00 – 16:00

For conference participants:    Saturday, 8 October: 12:00 - 16:00


Past events:

1st PD map workshop on the XX World Congress on Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders, Geneva, Switzerland, 2013

2nd PD map workshop on the 2nd International Parkinson's Disease Symposium, Munsbach, Luxembourg, 2014