George Mellick

Professor Mellick was trained in chemistry and biochemistry at the University of Queensland completing an Honours degree in Natural Products Chemistry. He was awarded a Lions Postgraduate Scholarship towards completion of his PhD (in the field of Medicine) in the School of Medicine, University of Queensland. He became a Project Leader in the Centre for Genomics and Bioinformatics, Karolinska Institute, Sweden after being awarded a STINT Fellowship (Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education) (2000). In 2004 he was appointed Lecturer in Medicine at the University of Queensland and later joined the staff of Griffith University as an Associate Professor (2006). He completed a Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (2000) during which he initiated a research project to evaluate and re-develop graduate research programs offered within the Southern Division of the UQ School of Medicine. In 2005 he received an award for the Enhancement of Student Learning by the University of Queensland in recognition of this ongoing work. He currently supervises several PhD students from a variety of multidisciplinary backgrounds. Prof Mellick has been a long-time advocate for people with Parkinson’s disease and has served on the Management Committee of Queensland’s Parkinson’s disease Society (Parkinson’s Queensland Incorporated, PQI (1999-2008), President (2006-2008), Vice-President (2000-2006).