Walter Maetzler

Walter Maetzler is Deputy Head of the Neurological Department of the University Hospital Kiel, Germany. He was trained in Neurology, General medicine and Neurogeriatrics in Austrian, Swiss and German hospitals, including the University Hospitals Basel and Tübingen. Main areas of research are quantitative motor and cognitive testing using inertial ambulatory sensors under standardized and non-standardized (home-based) conditions. These studies serve to identify markers for disease risk and progression in particular in prodromal and clinical phases of Parkinson’s disease. He was and is coordinator of two EU-funded research consortia (SENSE-PARK, Moving beyond), and is currently contributing quantitative movement and mobility assessment batteries to longitudinal observation studies of older adults ( and Parkinson`s disease (ABC-PD, MODEP), as well as to intervention trials of Parkinson’s disease (e.g.,